Donations for Block Party


  • 1300 individual Mini sized bags of potato chips
  • 100 Large Canisters of Country Time Lemonade or Pink Lemonade

Paper Products

  • 2200 Cups

Several people willing to lend their coolers for the day for ice to be hauled

Games and Activities

  • Face Paint (Enough for 2-300 kids)
  • Lollipops for the Lollipop Tree (100-200)
  • Lollipop Tree
  • Bean Bags for Bean Bag Toss


  • Candy (50-100 bags)
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Stickers
  • Friendship Bracelets
  • Anything from our Oriental Trading Company Wishlist (Email Colleen Smith for Details)


If you would like to contribute to the block party via monetary donations (or gift cards) please mail them to:

Charm City Church
c/o Colleen Smith (Block Party)
2001 Frederick Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21223

For more information on donating items please contact:
Colleen Smith