Volunteer Positions for Block Party

Team Leaders

Set-up Team

Vacant - Volunteer needed

Food Team

Shaun Wilson

Actvity Team

Vacant - Volunteer needed

Tear Down/Clean-up Team

Vacant - Volunteer needed

Volunteer Leader

Crystal Bowen


Colleen Smith

Indoor Church Team- (This is a possibility for things to be done in the church)

Vacant - Volunteer needed

24 hour Prayer Team

Vacant - Volunteer needed

Security/Hospitality Team

Vacant - Volunteer needed

Setup Team

This team is responsible for arriving at the church prior to the start of the block party (around 10 a.m.).The Block Party festivities will kick-off at 12 noon. This team will assist in sweeping the lot where the party will be held, setting up tables and chairs, and helping other Charm City volunteers get the lot and inside of the church ready for the block party. This team should have 10 members and one leader.

Entertainment Team

John Michael Weber, who will be sharing his Testimony from Junk to Jesus!

Food Team

This team will work on getting together the necessary food (chips, hot dogs, cookies, juice, buns, ect.) needed for the day of the event. You will work with Shaun Wilson to coordinate food before the event and serve food the day of the event. This team needs 8 members

Activity Team

Members of the activities team (specific activities to be announced) will work at their appropriate tables assisting kids and teens in activities. Activities from last years block party include…but are not limited to…this team needs 40-50 members and one team leader

  • Coloring Contest
  • Play dough
  • Lego’s
  • Nail Painting
  • Bean Bag toss
  • Basket Ball Shoot
  • Bubble table
  • Lollipop Tree
  • Friendship Bracelets
  • Face Painting
  • Moon Bounce: We need some strapping young guys to run “security” at the moon bounce!
  • Connect Four Tournament

Tear Down/Clean up Team

This team will stay arrive at 3:30 p.m. and stay until all the tear-down and clean-up of the block party is complete, you're welcome to join us before hand to partake in some of the activities. The Block Party will end at 4:15 p.m. This team should have one team leader and 15 members.

Block Party Prayer Team

This team needs a leader to set-up a Block Party Email list and team members to pray over specific prayer requests for the Block Party. This team will also set up a 24 hour prayer email, and pray for the guests, the day of the event etc.

Security and Hospitality Team

This team will be responsible for helping make sure that rules are enforced and everyone has a safe time at the block party. This team will man the sign in table and make sure each guests receives a wrist band when they sign in. This team will also help keep an eye on the moon bounce. The hospitality side of this team will be responsible for mingling with people at the block party and greeting people at the gate to the lot.

This team needs 4 team Leaders and 12 team members.

For more information on volunteering please contact:
Colleen Smith